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Why choose Realmart Realty for your real estate career?

Realmart has been the fastest growing brokerage office in recent years. We are on the cutting edge of the new real estate business models and have become one of the top listing offices in the entire state of NJ, NY, and CT. We list hundreds of new homes every month.

We are one of the very few brokers who belong to every MLS in NJ, NY, and CT. The founder/ CEO of Realmart.com, Jack Yao, has 20 years of experience in the real estate business. He has bought, developed, and sold billions of dollars in real estate in several different states. We doubt you'll find a more knowledgeable broker anywhere.

This 100% commission model is the next big trend in the real estate brokerage industry. Realtors across the country are switching over in droves. It's the fastest growing brokerage model in the business. Don't align yourself with those old school brokers who take 50% of your commission for granted.

You earn it, you keep it. Give us a call and get 100% of your hard earned commission right away or Email: info@realmart.com

Wouldn't a big name broker affiliation attract more clients?

We don't think that way! Bigger brand names don’t necessarily mean bigger business! In real estate, the most important aspect of your business is your personal relationship with your client. You are always branding yourself as the most trustworthy person. Selling a home is not like selling a car. The brand name of the car can play a big factor, but the branding of the brokerage has little to no impact on the home you sell. It is a myth that a property listed by a famous brokerage will sell faster. Our new marketing model will generate much more leads and clients for you then any of the big name brokers.

How much can I earn as a Realmart Agent?

Realmart has around 300 agents and is continually growing. Our top agent is consistently making over $500,000 each year. Check out the simple math with 5 transactions annually, your income will be significantly higher than other traditional brokerage firms. The more transactions you make the higher your income will be.

Homes Sold Realmart Gold Broker 1 Broker 2 Broker 3
$100/month + $700/Sale $1,200/month + 6% Royalty $300/month, 80% Split No Fee, 50% Split
$400,000 @2.5% Comm $9,300 $9,400 $8,000 $5,000
$600,000 @2.5% Comm $14,300 $14,100 $12,000 $7,500
$800,000 @2.5% Comm $19,300 $18,800 $16,000 $10,000
$1,000,000 @2.5% Comm $24,300 $23,500 $20,000 $12,500
$1,500,000 @2.5% Comm $36,800 $35,250 $30,000 $18,750
Gross Income $104,000 $101,050 $86,000 $53,750
Annual Fee $1,200 $14,400 $3,600 $0
Net Income $102,800 $86,650 $82,400 $53,750

What does Realmart offer to our agents?

  • Paperless transaction management with FREE DOTLOOP Account, can upgrade to Premium Dotloop Account for 33% OFF.
  • Opportunities to be a co-listing agent starting at $99 per listing.
  • Opportunities to host open houses and attract free buyer leads.
  • Access to 3D Professional Photography for an online virtual open house.
  • Providing ‘For Sale By Owner’ Lists for New Jersey & New York
  • Annual Realtor Convention with Seminars and Catered Annual Party
  • $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy
  • No desk, administrative, or franchise fees for 100% agents
  • Hundreds of experienced realtors and group coaching through WeChat.

What is the difference between Realmart and traditional brokerages?

  • No desk fee or franchise fee
  • No mandatory office hours
  • Work at our 15,000 sq ft HQ at Millburn/Short Hills in New Jersey & 1740 BroadWay in New York City
  • Commission rate you charge is entirely up to you (from 1% - 6%)
  • Earn a 100% commission payout, the best in the industry
  • No minimum production requirements.
  • If you refer 2 Agents to join our 100% program, your monthly fee will be waived.
  • We are members of all the MLSs in New Jersey, New York, & Connecticut

Why does Realmart provide the Buyer Rebate Program?

The Buyer Commission Rebate Program is available in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as a way for the home buyer to earn up to 2% rebate of the purchase price. However, most brokerages do not allow it. At Realmart, we encourage our agents to offer this program to our clients. The key is to incentivize the buyer to search for a property on their own to save time. In order to qualify for a rebate, the buyer must sign an exclusive Buyer-Agency Agreement with you before any houses are shown. For you to benefit from the rebate program, the buyer would help you save time finding a property while you reward the buyer with money in return. For a full buyer agency, you could be spending a minimum of 200 hours to close a deal for a $20,000 commission which would yield $100 per hour. If you offer the rebate program, you may only need to spend 20 hours to close a deal for $10,000 commission which would be $500 an hour. For more details, check the Buyer FAQ.

What is Realmart's Flat Fee MLS Listing?

The Flat Fee Listing Program is unique to Realmart, and none of the traditional brokerages offer this kind of service. We charge a $395 flat fee to list a property on the MLS as a transactional broker. The program requires the seller to act as a listing agent by themselves, similar to ‘For Sale by Owner’. The difference is all buyer agents are allowed to show the property and earn 2.5% commission. The program offers sellers access to thousands of local realtors while only paying half of the commission. However, this program requires the seller to have some intricate knowledge on real estate transactions. We encourage our agents to offer this program as a stepping stone to earn the trust of their clients and ultimately upgrade the seller to a full service agency.

What is Realmart's 1% Professional Agency Plan?

This plan is another unique program offered exclusively by Realmart Realty. The listing period is unlimited until the property is sold. There is a $695 upfront fee which includes the following:

  • Listing until sold with free rolling 1 year extensions
  • Unlimited seller-hosted open houses (Agent hosted open houses available upon request)
  • FREE 3D Photo and Floor Model (on-line open house 24 Hours a day)
  • 365-day 9am-9pm live customer service with online appointment scheduling
  • Free For Sale Sign Package (1 For Sale Sign + 4 Open House Signs)
  • Realtor Digital Lockbox (Supra, Codebox or SentrilLock) where available
  • Professional agent consultation on pricing, clean up, repair and staging ideas
  • Full paperwork support and legal representation from contract review to closing (Save $1500 legal fees)
  • Dedicated professional guidance/coaching on negotiation, inspection, appraisal issues etc.
  • Total Cost: 3% (1% or $3000 (whichever is higher) to listing agent + 2% commission to a buyer agent)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee(see details)

1All listing processes are done by office admins and save a lot of time for you as an agent. You only need to be available by phone to help the seller with any questions regarding the transaction as a consultant. You will earn a 1% commission on this plan and if you are able to secure a buyer for the property, you will earn 3% commission.

Does Realmart offer a traditional 5% full service listing?

Yes, Realmart has a flat fee and 1% option for homeowners. It does not exclude our agents from offering full service listings at 5-6% commission. The difference at Realmart for full service listings is the following:

  • Our agents will provide home repair consultation.
  • We offer staging advice and landscape curb appeal recommendations.
  • Accompany all showings with or without a buyer agent.
  • Host as many open houses as possible until property is sold.
  • Never leave a lockbox on the home and rely on buyer agents to show the property alone.
  • For realtors that can accompany every showing, their service is worth every penny for the full 5%.

Build your own team and become the Warriors of realty!

Assemble your own platoon of agents prepared to engage in combat against the arduous sales process. There are no quotas/production requirements for your subdivision, and to further incentivize you to gather forces, there would be no monthly agency fees for the entirety of your Realmart career upon recruiting at least 2 realtors to join the fray. Your commission would remain at 100%, while the percentages split amongst your agents are under your discretion.